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The Soleil sun care range nourishes and illuminates hair with products that protect the hair from dryness and fading due to summer season agressors such as sun, chlorine and salt water.

Hair type: After – Sun Care

• 40%* more hydrated and nourished hair
• Cleanses hair from salt, chlorine and sand residue
• Cooling effect on the scalp
• Hair is more smooth
• Restores shine
• Anti-frizz effect up to 24 hours
• 58% more nourished hair
• Complements the shampoo’s effects boosting hydration up to 85%*
• Reconstructs and smooths fiber

Refer to individual product instructions.


Coconut water: deeply penetrates the hair for unparalleled hydration

Vitamin E: helps seal out moisture, reduces breakage, and protects the hair from external damage.

UV Filter: absorbs UVs and minimizes their effect on the hair fiber.

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