Specifique Cure Apaisante

Sensitive Scalp

950.00 EGP

Specifique’s Cure Apaisante Anti-Discomfort ampoule is a treatment to restore the quality of a healthy scalp. The formula reduces scalp discomforts including irritation, inflamation, or an itchy scalp. The ampoule treatment treats the scalp to provide long-lasting comfort and sensation.

Hair type: Sensitive scalps

• Soothes scalp itchiness and irritation
• Protects against oxidative stress
• Stimulates and promotes a healthy scalp protecting from external aggressions
• After 4 weeks, 98% of volunteers who tested this fresh lotion experienced soothing of itching and the scalp.

• Apply 3 times a week for 4 weeks to dry or towel-dried hair. One dose equals one application.
Step 1: Distribute onto the scalp section by section.
Step 2: Massage with fingertips.
Step 3: Proceed with usual styling.
Step 4: Leave-in.

 Volume: 12×6 ml

• PS 21 5000 PPM: to soothe the feel of the scalp. It comforts the scalp and helps to protect it.

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