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Robayeat El Khayam Tray & Tea/Coffee Cup Set

1,450.00 EGP

A stunning new addition to the Turath family: copper silver plated 30 cm diameter tray engraved with a verse from famous Robayeat El Khayam Egyptian poetry beautifuly engraved in artistic calligraphy style. Includes set of six hand blown multi colored glasses that can be used to serve tea or coffee alike!

القلبُ قد أضْناه عِشْق الجَمال

والصَدرُ قد ضاقَ بما لا يُقال

ما أضْيَعَ اليومَ الذي مَرَّ بي

من غير أن أهْوى وأن أعْشَقا

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