Tawasol Egypt’s products are made by low-income families living in slum areas and informal settlements in Cairo. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our products are given back to the communities that made them, either as artisans’ wages or to help sustain community development projects. Our products are unique Tawasol designs inspired by traditional Egyptian arts and crafts, and they are all hand-made using locally sourced materials.
Tawasol Egypt supports two community development initiatives. The first is Tawasol for Development of Istabl Antar, and its centerpiece Tawasol NGO School, which provides free education to 160 children in Istabl Antar, Ezzbet Khairallah and Batn el Baara informal settlements in Cairo. The school provides a high quality, integrated curriculum certified by the Ministry of Education, where students learn a craft in addition to attending regular classes. This helps to ensure that the children remain in school and do not drop out, because it provides them with much-needed additional income to help support their families. TawasolSchool also focuses on the development of students’ talentsthrough theatre, choir, performance and music classes.
The second project supported by Tawasol Egypt is theRommana for Development NGO Workshop. The workshop trains and employs women in the Mokattam area of Cairo, and provides a sustainable income to around twenty female-headed households.