Sew What

Everyone’s got their own exceptional talents and passion; I believe mine to be in sewing. Ever since I was a child I always concentrated on the artistic side of life; I enjoyed my time drawing, crafting, decorating things and enlightening the world around me with cheerful touches of such arts. However I always preferred spending my time ascertaining new fabrics, evolving my sewing skills and producing my own unique handmade creations with various designs. That’s where I truly found myself and my passion in life; and from that point I decided to share my unique flair with others around me; that’s when Sew What? was born on October 2009.

Sew What? is my world now; however when I began my handmade products organization it was called by the name “Al Bazaar” and two years later I decided to develop its name to be more compatible with my distinctive handmade creations. Sew What? is my greatest passion and not a project that’s why I validate that every creation is created with the perfect fabric carefully chosen and handmade by myself with no other helping hands to ensure the perfect product production for myself and for anyone who would like to have a piece of this passion.